The Solution

The Solution

Why consider Card Strategies?

Card Strategies Card Management Strategies ensures cardholders are compliant with your corporate card policies.

Our award-winning card audit technology aligns your internal expense and procurement policies to over 30 audit criteria, allowing clients to increase the usage of purchase and travel cards with confidence of having the proper controls in place.

No more sample auditing! Review every Transaction.

  • Evaluate every transcation against 30+ rules
  • Identify key merchant names
  • Isolate spending policy exceptions

Audit rules can be established from the organizational to card holder level and unique for each card type.

  • Apply distinct purchasing rules to each profile
  • Easy visibility to all transactions for a card holder
  • Highlight key individuals of interest

Provides audit coverage of 100% of your transactions

  • Month over month card holder transaction visibility
  • Update user profiles and reporting structure to support your business needs
  • Customizable reporting to ensure policy compliance